The Sue's Head Carol
Tune:"The Boar's Head Carol" (trad. English)

Original song lyrics here. Latin wasn't quite flexible enough, so I added in some Spanish and Quenya for good measure.

The Sue’s head in hand bear I,
Bedeck’d with gems so glittery
And I pray Eru, Valar, merry be
Blennum molestum prehendō. (I catch the annoying blockhead)

Caput Suei defero (The Sue’s head I offer)
Redens laudes Canonico. (Giving praises to the Canon)

The Sue’s head, as I understand
Is the commonest in Fanficland
Which thus is dreck and so very bland
Pero también ridículo. (But also ridiculous)


The Stewardship she did dismiss
To elope with Faramir in bliss
He tells us, post-neuralysis:
Ai, hantanyel órenyallo! (Oh, I thank you from the bottom of my heart)