The Sue's Head Carol
Author:Tungsten Monk
Tune:"The Boar's Head Carol" (trad. English)

Note: "The Boar's Head Carol" is a resounding and solemnish melody well-suited to people who are just a little bit full of themselves and exceedingly drunk. Here's a good example.

The Sue's head in hand bear thee
Still dripping blood, and glittery
And I pray you, o agents, be merry
Quot estis in convivio (As many as are in the feast)

Caput bellum defero (The beautiful head I offer)
Reddens laudes termino (Giving praise to this conclusion)

The Mary Sue, as all understand
Says she is fairest in the land
So the head, bedecked with a fine garland
Let us servire cum riso. (Serve with a smile)


O Sue, we here make show of thee
As reminder of our Duty
And on this day to be mocked is she
In flos loqueris atrio (In the talking flowers' hall)