The Fangirl Song

To the tune of "The Witch Song"

Who were the fangirls? Where did they come from?
Maybe your sister's bestest friend was one
Fangirls are dumb, dumb children, they say
But there's a little fan in every woman today

Fangirls weren't all about getting a squeeze
Glomping their lust objects and making them wheeze
When characters seemed to be lost in a haze
Fangirls came to the rescue — in so many ways


Authors wrote stories and fangirls were there
To seek out the good ones and give them sweet care
And fangirls knew all about how they began
Do you wish you could help them? Well, maybe you can!


Some people think all the fangirls are bad
Some people are scared of the mania they have
The desire to love and to give and to care
It's not something to fear — it's a treasure to share


There's a little fan
There's a little fan
There's a little fan in every woman today!