Bad Sue Crystallas
Tune:"Good King Wenceslas" by John Mason Neale

Agent Janet looked about,
Toward her RC console,
Where the Words were printed out
Black and white and urple.
With a choking sound she read,
Laughter mixed with horror
Till at last she gasping said,
Anger in a furor,

"Cygna, come and look at this,
Can you just believe it?
She made Yue's arrows miss,
And Kaho have a mad fit."
"She did what now?" Cygna cried
"Oh, just let me get her,
I'll make her wish that she had died,
When that werewolf bit her!"

Brightly gleamed their swords that night,
Though the fic was cruel
When the victim came in sight,
Flouncing off to school.
Blue hair she had, and eyes not green,
But emerald in color,
Her uniform was pink and green,
And she had shoes of wilver.

"I don't want to see the rest,
Can we not just kill her?"
Cygna's mind was not obsessed,
Just a bit off-kilter.
"Three more charges, and we're done,"
Janet firm insisted,
"But if you must mock someone,
This thing could be MSTed."

So Cygna waited, and at last,
With one last 'o i luv u!!!1!',
The Mary Sue was in a blast
Cloven right in two.
Triumphant then they back returned,
To the PPC,
And the remains were neatly burned,
For Beruthial's tea.