Carol of the Worlds
Tune:"Carol of the Birds" / "El Cant Dels Ocells" (trad. Catalan)

All worlds now see emerge
The blue-white sparkling surge
In their dark winter night
All worlds have come to know
That storms and wind and snow
Will pass and set things right.

Great Arda, writ in song
Who suffered for so long
Rejoices and displays
The greatest power of love
That shines from up above
And lights their steps with rays

And Hogwarts now replies
With love in countless eyes
That it feels footsteps too;
In Pern love flies around
And Berk rings with the sound
Of hearts that beat anew

The mist rolls out into
Cair Paravel, and through
The lovelorn Aslan's eyes;
And Redwall Abbey's spires
Play host to new desires
That none can demonise

All worlds can see the light
Of lust – er, love, pure white
As fresh undriven snow;
The canon matters not,
These guys are super hot,
So let's enjoy the show...