First Christmas
Tune:"First Christmas" by Stan Rogers

This day, a year ago, he was rolling in the snow
With a younger brother
In his father's yard
Christmas break, a time for touching home,
The only world he'd known,
And leaving was so hard.

Now he's countless worlds away, hunting Sues on Christmas day,
Earning double time,
If he's ever paid at all
Well, he always said he'd make it on his own
The temporary partner's going.
First Christmas,
Away from home

She's in King's Cross train station, nicking canons' change,
Four more Galleons buys
Oblivion in her room
Well it looks like she's for Rudi's after all,
And the sighs of pity all
Will echo like a tomb

But it's warm and clean and she can think of worse places to be,
And at least it means
No beating from her dad,
And if she cries because it's Christmas Day,
She hopes that it won't show,
First Christmas,
Away from home

By the console there stands a little tree,
And it looks so small and bare,
Not how it ought to be.
Weeping Angel on the top,
It's not that same old silver star
You wanted for your own
First Christmas,
Away from home.

In the morning there's his meds, then it's crafts with those in beds,
Then another meal,
In what they call his room.
Hoping that his friends will think to call,
If they think of him at all,
It's best they do it soon.

When his partner passed away he fell apart more every day,
Each had always kept the other,
Pretty well.
But the Flowers said that FicPsych would be best,
'Cause he couldn't live alone,
First Christmas,
Away from home.

He watches them sedate the Christmas Tree,
And he's huge and he's cold and lifeless,
Not how he ought to be,
And the lit-up flashing Santa Claus on top,
It's not that same old silver star,
You once made for your own
First Christmas,
Away from home.