Candlelight Carol
Tune:"Candlelight Carol" by John Rutter

How do you capture the vision of Tolkien?
How do you count all the treasures of Smaug?
How can you measure our love of the canon?
And how do you write all the Dwarrows so proud?

Candlelight, Elven-light
Dragonfire and star glow
Shining on Arda till breaking of dawn
Badfic, oh! Badfic, woe! In excess is coming!
Agents are singing
The movies are here.

Fangirls and fanbrats will watch and adore them
Agents around them their vigil will keep
Hunting down bad slash, bad grammar and plotholes
Then read the goodfics, till they fall asleep.

Find them at Rivendell, taking their photos
Keeping the onslaught of songfics at bay
Petting the gaint-ass spiders of Mirkwood
Childish and deadly on this winterís day.