Silent Night
Author:Lily Took
Tune:"Silent Night" by Franz Xaver Gruber and Joseph Mohr
Hear it:Performed by Keily!

Silent night, lust-filled night
'Sue sighs nigh, eyes so bright,
Leg'las poses valiantly
Kisses uncanonically
Her hair shines silver, purple,
Shimmering, dazzling, urple

Silent night, ire-filled night,
Agents' mouths grow thin and tight
Angry pens write charge lists,
Nails dig into furious fists
'Sue's dress a rainbow flood
Soon to be covered in blood

Silent night, deadly night,
PPC with great delight,
Slay the 'Sue mercilessly,
Read the list belatedly,
Leg'las stumbles forward
Unsued – canon's restored!