5. "The World As It Should Have Been" by angeldreamerphantom

Erick longed for her, Raoul was engaged to her, but Christine could never get her angel out of her mind, he had been her protector, whom did she really love? EC pairing, no Raoul bashing...hey they all loved somebody! My first FanFic, reviews please!

Neshomeh, Jenni, Cameo, and Supernumerary read the summary in silence. A few seconds passed. The three women agents slowly turned to look at one another, grinned, and burst into song:

"Oh, I don't know why he's leaving,
Or where he's gonna go
I guess he's got his reasons
But I just don't wanna know
'Cos for 24 years
I've been livin' next door to Erickó
Erick? Who the fuck is Erick?"

The trio collapsed in a fit of mad giggles while Supernumerary looked on with a raised eyebrow and slowly shook his head. Meanwhile, elsewhere, the misspelled not-so-mini exploded in sheer shame, and the badfic peril was no more.

Note: Lyrics shamelessly snurched, parodied, and altered from the original song "Living Next Door to Alice" by Smokie.