1. "A Tale of Two Prince's" by Carawen

Filled with despair Legolas takes something that does not belong to him. Will he find the courage to return the one thing that can help mend his broken heart?

Unfortunately, I lost the text of this one and never got around to rewriting it. Basically, the gist of it was that Supernumerary loses his Bleeprin in Thranduil's halls and Legolas picks it up. Being "filled with despair," he is depressed and out-of-character enough to try eating something he doesn't recognize, but the agents come back and take it away from him. Then they neuralyze him. Everybody wins!

Trivia: Cameo and Supernumerary were originally both female and virtually identical, with gray eyes and mouse-brown hair, and assumed to be in the Department of Mary Sues. Their names were inspired by a Star Trek fanfic about redshirts who all had names like Private Walkon and Ensign Extra. They were never meant to be serious characters, just practice for when I would eventually write a real PPC series. Between writing these and the AIM-based role-playing I was into at the time, though, they grew into the deranged psychopath and lovable jerkass we know today.