Chaos Carol
Tune:"Carol of the Bells" by Mykola Leontovych and Peter J. Wilhousky
Hear it:Performed by KittyNoodles!

Hark! Hear the shrieks —
Indignant squeaks —
Filling the halls,
Deaf'ning us all!

Gilbert's a mouse!
Who is the louse
Who turned him cute,
But didn't mute —

His grating whine?
O! mini mine!
Flies gaily by,
Cackling with glee,
Then — mercy me! —
Spots Veralyn
And makes her spin!

'Round, 'round she goes
On tippy-toes!
On down the hall —
Into a wall!

O! how they fume!
Pacing the room,
They plan a stew — or
Mini fondue!

Gilly, Gilly, Gilly's blown a gasket!

Veralyn just grabbed a basket!

Now they give chase,
Red in the face!

Don't intervene —
They'll eat your spleen!