Agent Mira

The Basics

Home continuum:Earth
Weight:135 lbs.
Qualifications:Rabid video game aficionado, grammar Nazi, walking LoK encyclopedia.
Top fandom(s):Legacy of Kain
Lust object(s):Lieutenant!Rahab
Hot button(s):Zephon, Mortanius, bad spelling, hideous grammar, bad slash, incest!fics.
Weapon(s):Webster's Dictionary... but sometimes she'll let Martin have a quick snack.

Everything Else

Mira is one of the governing bodies of the Legacy of Kain Division (total members: 2). Impetuous and headstrong (but let's not forget mentally and physically unbalanced), she is unforgiving to her fandom's heady population of Mary Sues. Most notably, her favorite method of execution for such anomalies seems to be turning them over to her partner Martin to snack on. A curious end to a curious breed of Sue, indeed. Unfortunately, with Martin currently stuck in changestate, she's on her own.