Raven E. Saxon
Tune:"Frosty the Snowman" by Jack Rollins and Steve Nelson
Hear it:Performed by Keily!

Raven E. Saxon
Was the Ainley Master's child!
And her mother was a refugee
From when Traken Union died!
Raven E. Saxon
Found a Time Lord who'd been slain,
And she reached Earth when her dad was PM
For a TARDIS she had gained.
There must have been some magic in
Her for when she met her dad,
He suddenly did mend his ways and
He was no longer bad!
Oh, Raven E. Saxon
Fell in love with Doctor Ten,
And I'm sad to say they are on their way
To the story's happy end.

Raven E. Saxon
Found some needles in her clothes,
And some itchy leaves up and down her sleeves,
And a rash upon her nose
Raven E. Saxon
Just continued with the fic
It felt like a gaff when the Doctor laughed
At her idiotic tricks.
And then another TARDIS entered.
Out came Time Lords twain,
Who charged the Mary Sue and
They both dragged her away.
Oh, Raven E. Saxon
Was destroyed by Magnus Greel.
And the canons, why, they were neuralyzed
And the 'verse itself could heal.