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 Original Fiction
Natural Consequences - This vignette takes place prior to the events of "The Resistance." Kevon and Lani discuss respect for the working class and the planet.

     Dawn - A possible story start inspired by a winter morning, though the scene is in summer. Wishful thinking on my part, I suppose. This is pure sensory detail, and I like it for that. Sensory detail is my weak point.

     The Legend of Lyte - A short story written by me in eighth grade about the first Unicorn ever to exist. His name was Lyte...

     The Resistance - The prologue to a story I hope to see grow up to become a fully-fledged novel some day. Two young men both want to save their dying world, but don't see eye to eye about how to go about doing it.

 Fan Fiction
Premier NoŽl - Based on Gaston Lereux's The Phantom of the Opera and on Susan Kay's Phantom. Friends Jenni and Joppe conspire to make Erik's first real Christmas the best one ever, but how will he take it? There is no premise, just take it for what it is. Many thanks to Elin for her help and for letting me use Joppe. {= )

     Linquens Lucem - Jenni's encounter with Severus Snape a few years after they would have graduated from Hogwarts. A look at a possible explanation for Severus' disagreable disposition. Again, no premise. Harry Potter and all things related are, as far as I know, the sole property of J. K. Rowling. I'm only borrowing Snape and I'll put him back when I'm done. Please don't sue me: all you'll get is some free-webspace and pocket lint.

Who Am I? - A terrible piece of work that nevertheless needs to be here. It's not good poetry, but it does come from the heart, and that's what truly matters. It's me.

     So Now the Healer Needs Healing - Once in a blue moon I get inspired to write decent poetry (maybe), and this is a result.

     So Now the Healer Needs Healing Again - When the healer is pissed off.

     The Wheel - Another in the series. It's a dialogue poem. Have fun.

     Healer's Lament - Continuing the cycle, I suppose. This one wants to be a song, but lacks music. It's also almost certainly from Jenni's point of view--but I wrote it, so don't blame her for the quality (or lack thereof). Anyway, this is the stuff she'll never say to anyone, ever.

     Fall Poem - A short little thing. I keep thinking it rhymes, but it really doesn't in the conventional sense. I wrote the first verse as part of a Language Study assignment in which I had to write something using only monosyllables. The second verse came later, when I wanted to finish it.

Broccoli Enigma - An essay I wrote in the 9th grade that proves, with real facts, that broccoli comes from outer space! Do the research if you don't believe me! However, I have to give credit to K. A. Applegate for the idea behind this.

     Harper-man - I debated with myself for a while before including this one here. It's fan-poetry, really, written for one of my Dragonriders of Pern role-playing characters, Rediral. It could potentially be a song, if I could write music. I have a tune in mind...

     The Fangirl Song - A filk--that is, a song parody--of "The Witch Song," written for those of us who are in touch with our inner fangirl and proud of it. This is dedicated to ElfEars, fellow PPC Boarder and Aragorn fan. I think "The Witch Song" belongs to Bonnie Lockhart, but don't quote me on that. I found the lyrics here.

     Thread Song - Another Pern fan-poem, another two-verse ditty (which actually rhymes). This was inspired by one role-playing group's Threadfighting display.

On the left is Arasgorn the mini-Balrog, and on the right is Severe the mini-Acromantula (or mini-Aragog). They sort of share ownership of me. They make sure I behave like a good little fanwriter and use my spell-check, keep to the canon, and never, ever write a Mary-Sue. They're really very sweet, unless you're a drooling fangirl or a 'Sue...
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