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The house itself isn't impressive. It's small, and the outside is simple brick with white trim. Drawn on by some force you can't identify, you step inside. The living area is cozy--again, small, but furnished all in warm reds. It's almost like coming home. Almost. Still you are drawn on, through the livingroom, through a door near the back, and down a flight of circular stairs to the basement. You barely see it. With growing excitement that doesn't come from you but from the very atmosphere, you walk straight through the basement and through one more door. It gives you an odd sensation as you pass through, like you're being lifted out of your world and instantly rebuilt in another. There is a straight stair, and you know that if you go down and pass the door at the bottom, there will be no turning back. Will you go in?

The door before you is slightly ajar, and you can hear a few voices
engaged in creative plotting--THAT IS--friendly conversation...
Join in the fun!

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