exswyzie14: *WAIL!* I can't open the music video because "the file name is bad"!! ARRRRGGHHH!

oden00000: Change the filename

oden00000: Change it to "movie01" or something

exswyzie14: Yay!

oden00000: YO! earth to spacegirl!

oden00000: !!!!!

oden00000: It worked?

exswyzie14: Yup!

oden00000: Like it?

exswyzie14: Um...

oden00000: ???

exswyzie14: ...

oden00000: Oh...

exswyzie14: I don't get it

oden00000: Donít get what?

exswyzie14: Who's who, for starters...

oden00000: Sorry to say this, but I think they rather left out Erik *cringes* and Iím not really sure about the rest. *trembles in fear*

exswyzie14: ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

exswyzie14: WHAT???

oden00000: *hides in corner*

oden00000: *trembles*

exswyzie14: Jenni: *takes you by the collar* Then what, may I ask, is the point?!

exswyzie14: Jenni: You can't HAVE The Phantom of the Opera without the Phantom!!

oden00000: *tries to get away* It looks neat?

exswyzie14: Erik: *exasperated sigh*

exswyzie14: Erik: Let him go. NOW...

oden00000: At least they didnít misportray him?

exswyzie14: Jenni: Oh all RIGHT... *does so*

exswyzie14: Me: Yeah...

exswyzie14: Jenni: Shouldn't I be saying such things to YOU?

exswyzie14: Erik: No.

oden00000: *fixes hard-hat and wonders why he didnít find a bomb shelter...*

exswyzie14: ((Typist falls off her chair laughing!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!))

exswyzie14: Jenni: But... but... IT'S YOUR STORY!!

oden00000: He could have just been directing?

exswyzie14: Erik: Yes! That's it.

exswyzie14: Jenni: You lie.

oden00000: No he doesnít

oden00000: Didnít you see the credits?

oden00000: *ducks*

oden00000: *and covers*

exswyzie14: Jenni: -_-* What credits? I SAW no credits. *realization* HEY! IF Erik directed, THERE WERE NO CREDITS!!!

exswyzie14: Erik: *curses*


oden00000: *tries to find a shelter and fails*

oden00000: *hides behind a shrubbery instead*

exswyzie14: Erik: REALLY! CALM yourself!

exswyzie14: Jenni: *continues to rant like a maniac*

exswyzie14: Erik: *looks around* *crouches near the shrubbery* So, why do YOU put up with it?

oden00000: *tries to dig a trench to hide in but has no shovel...*

oden00000: Iím not quite sure actually.. wanna help here?

exswyzie14: *typist ties herself to her chair to avoid falling off*

exswyzie14: Erik: I would, but I've spent a good deal of time underground, and I don't believe that it would do any good.

oden00000: I'll share the hole?

exswyzie14: Erik: As I said...

exswyzie14: Jenni: *pokes her head in* Are you even listening to me?!

oden00000: Got a portable bunker or sumthin?

oden00000: *draws back and trembles more*

oden00000: *yelp* Yeah.

exswyzie14: Jenni: Cuz I forgot what I was going on about... Do you remember?

exswyzie14: Erik: *anime falldown*

exswyzie14: *typist tumbles to the floor despite the restraints*

oden00000: *fear* Nothing... just... penguins.

oden00000: *oops* I mean...

exswyzie14: Jenni: *raises an eyebrow* Penguins?

oden00000: BREAD! thatís it...

exswyzie14: Erik: Bread??

oden00000: *looks around and dodges behind a tree*

exswyzie14: Jenni: *warped and twisted mind* THAT was it! *goes off on how Erik is the best thing since sliced bread*

oden00000: Yes...*whew...*

oden00000: *whispers to Erik: That was close*

exswyzie14: ((OMP!!! I gotta post this on my Message Board!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!))

exswyzie14: Erik: *looks confused* I fail to see how.. and you've gotten her started again.

oden00000: Not my fault... you started it...*tries to not laugh*

exswyzie14: Erik: I?!

exswyzie14: Erik: I was NOT present at the start of this little Role-play thing! _I_ have NOTHING to do with it!

oden00000: Yeah! You... were... you caught her attention. Yeah... thatís how it was, you caught her attention first.

exswyzie14: Erik: Well I can't REALLY help that, either.

oden00000: So, you were the subject! Need I pull out the pierogies?

exswyzie14: Jenni: NO!

exswyzie14: Erik: O_o

oden00000: I could though... I think they might find this rather interesting...

oden00000: Erik: The pierogies?

oden00000: *g*

exswyzie14: Jenni: Oh dear Pilot... well, turnabout is fair play I suppose...

exswyzie14: Me: My tea is gone...

exswyzie14: Me: So, what do the pierogies think? *eg*

exswyzie14: Jenni: *exasperated sigh!*

oden00000: *suddenly a stream of pierogies jump out of V`mir`s pocket and start looking about the place complaining about the lack of cold*

exswyzie14: Erik: O_O

oden00000: Oh no... here we go...

exswyzie14: Me: Woah... there are 5 different personas in here now, not counting the pierogies...

oden00000: *the lead pierogi looks at V`mir*: What the hell are all these pieces of stooped meat doing here?

exswyzie14: Me: Me, Jenni, you, V'mir, and Erik

oden00000: Vímir: I dunno... ask `em yerself.

oden00000: Nick: V`mir, donít get em started!

exswyzie14: Jenni: We WERE having a pleasant conversation...

oden00000: Vímir: Why not?

exswyzie14: Erik: We were?

exswyzie14: Me: Yup!

oden00000: Nick: Because... itís not good for my mental well being...

exswyzie14: Me: LOL!!

oden00000: Vímir: You have mental well being? I thought we trashed that ages ago!

oden00000: Nick: You did, but thatís beside the point!

exswyzie14: Me: *throws one arm around Erik and the other around you* I LOVE this stuff!!!

oden00000: The pierogies: Whatís beside the point?

exswyzie14: Erik: Get her off... please...

oden00000: Nick: Nothing...

oden00000: Pierogies: Shuddup meat!

oden00000: Nick: Ahhg! Help!

oden00000: Vímir: You called this upon yerself Nick!

oden00000: Nick: No I did NOT Vímir!

exswyzie14: Jenni: *pummels V'mir with a pillow for no apparent reason*

exswyzie14: Erik: *grateful that it wasn't him* *feels like crawling into a corner*

oden00000: Nick-*falls over as assaulted by a bag of pierogies* HELP JENNI, ERIK, SOMEBODY!

exswyzie14: Jenni: Hmm... *looks at the pillow* *looks at the pierogies* Hmm...

oden00000: Pierogies- You will never escape us!

oden00000: V`mir- Hahahahaha!!!

exswyzie14: Jenni: *confers with Erik in whispers*

exswyzie14: Erik: *GRIN*

exswyzie14: Me: I'll get the fishline!

oden00000: Nick- help!

oden00000: Pierogies- the stooped meat WILL become pierogies!

exswyzie14: Pillow: I AM THE PEROGIE-GOD! YOU WILL OBEY!

oden00000: Nick- NOOOOOOOO!

exswyzie14: Me: *collapses in a heap of laughing*

oden00000: *suddenly another bag flies at Erik and Jenni*

exswyzie14: Pillow: HALT CEASE AND DESI-ACK!

exswyzie14: Erik: Damn FOOD!

oden00000: Pierogies- YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE US!!!!

exswyzie14: Jenni: YAAAAAAHHHH!!!! *whips out a spork*

exswyzie14: Me: *being no help at all*


oden00000: Nick- THERE`S TOO DAMN MANY OF THEM!!

oden00000: Nick- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

exswyzie14: Erik: Wait a moment... *looks around* No, I refuse to believe this is real. You do not exist. *sits down and shuts eyes*

exswyzie14: Jenni: Oh yeah. *shrugs* No such thing as pierogies anyway!

exswyzie14: Me: *heats a big thing of water*

oden00000: HELP...*Nick falls over exhaused and the pierogies disappear. V`mir pokes Nick with a stick.

exswyzie14: Me: Aw frell! I was gonna cook 'em!

exswyzie14: Jenni: Shutup.

oden00000: V`mir- too many figments?

oden00000: Nick- Yes...

oden00000: *V`mir fades away...*

exswyzie14: Me: Bwahaha... *goes poof*

exswyzie14: Jenni: *smiles* Well that was fun!

exswyzie14: Erik: Hardly.

oden00000: *rolls over onto back and looks at the clouds* Too... much... effort...

oden00000: Head... hurts... oww...

exswyzie14: Jenni: *yawns* *cuddles Erik* Night...

exswyzie14: Erik: O_O

oden00000: *thump*(as Nickís real head hits the desk)

exswyzie14: Me: ???

exswyzie14: *un-poofed*

oden00000: Thank-you Econ book for cushioning the blow...

exswyzie14: Me: Wow... Econ actually good for something? I'm shocked!

oden00000: ...strain...

oden00000: I

oden00000: will

oden00000: ...

oden00000: talk

oden00000: ...

oden00000: to

exswyzie14: you later?

oden00000: ...

oden00000: you... in...the...later...

oden00000: nite...

exswyzie14: Bye.

exswyzie14: *still laughing*

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