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     Premier Noël - The Christmas Fic, at long last! Jenni and Joppe conspire to make Erik's first real Christmas the best one ever, but how will he take it? Many thanks to Elin for her help and for letting me use Joppe. {= )

     Linquens Lucem - Jenni's encounter with Severus Snape a few years after they would have graduated from Hogwarts. There isn't a premise; just take it for what it is. Harry Potter and all things related are, as far as I know, the sole property of J. K. Rowling. I'm only borrowing Snape and I'll put him back when I'm done. Please don't sue me: all you'll get is some free-webspace and pocket lint.

     Phantom - Sort of a still-life.

     Jenni - Self-explanatory. It's Jenni, my first and favorite role-play character! This is the first successful picture of her. I'd never been able to draw her before this picture, so I'm VERY proud of it.

     Jenni and Beth with Eggs - Pernese Jenni and her dragon Beth with a clutch. Beth's color is the result of the fact that in the world of role-play, people don't always follow the rules. Not the best image of Jenni, but the dragon's okay.

     Cain the Fire-Lizard - Pernese Jenni's other companion. Fire-lizards are like miniature dragons, and anyone can get one!

     Erith - What if Erik was a Pernese dragon?

     Nestael of the Dúnedain - Nestael is my Middle-earth character. This is the first picture I did of her. I like it except for her eyes and chin. I'm very happy with the background and her horse, who is named Starshadow (Gilwath) after this place. To learn more about her, click here.

     Nestael: Combating the Darkness - Nestael, sword in hand, silver star gleaming on her shoulder, throws herself against the forces of evil...

     Evarel Starshade with Sasha - Evarel is a half-elven lunatic bard. He's a nice enough guy, but a total air-head, and he's practically in love with his black mare, Sasha. Speak against her at your own risk!

     Aloe Vera - I like drawing plants. This is the most recent one. Aloe vera has so many uses; and it smells nice, too!

     Who Am I? - A terrible piece of work that nevertheless needs to be here. It's not good poetry, but it does come from the heart, and that's what truly matters. It's me.

     So Now the Healer Needs Healing - Once in a blue moon I get inspired to write GOOD poetry, and this is a result.

     So Now the Healer Needs Healing Again - When the healer is pissed off.

     The Wheel - Another in the series. It's a dialogue poem. Have fun.

     Broccoli Enigma - An essay I wrote in the 9th grade that proves, with real facts, that broccoli comes from outer space! Do the research if you don't believe me! However, I have to give credit to K. A. Applegate for the idea behind this.

     The Legend of Lyte - A short story written by me in eighth grade about the first Unicorn ever to exist. His name was Lyte...

     Jenni vs. Techno - A little role-play-esque chat with an ex-friend of mine. exswyzie14 is me, oden00000 is him. Have fun! We sure did...

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