Most of these are going to be places I am likely to be found in. The rest are just places I recommend. Enjoy!

This isn't the image typically projects, but it's the best banner they've got! I have a few accounts with Neopets. They include neshomeh_soul and masterharper_alric, as well as two or three I don't use as often. You'll know me by the name Neshomeh. This place CAN be a lot of fun, so drop by!

In addition to my own archive on this site, I have an account with My user name is Neshomeh. Check it out.

After the split, it seems I also have an account with Check it out, too. is a great site that I have gotten good use out of in the past and now. Any fancy tools that you see around this site or any of my others--guestbook, counter, message board, etc.--have come from Bravenet. Thank you!

Pilot Paradise is the first online community I truly became a part of. I don't go there as much as I used to, but it's still a great place for Farscape fans, and especially fans of Pilot! They'd love it if you dropped in to say "hello."