Why is this here? Because it's a good front for recruiting members, AND it's fun, that's why! Check the place out.

Midi Neo
This is where I got the music on the main page. This site was intended to be used in conjunction with Neopets, but I couldn't pass that one up. is where the counter, Guestbook, and Message Board at this site come from. They have all sorts of nifty stuff like that, so if you've got a website of your own, they might just be what you've been waiting for!

Beyond the Lake
This is the place that nifty whirly-jewel divider came from, so I'm sure the owner of this Michael Crawford v. Petter Carrie site would appreciate your patronage!

"A guide to Phantom of the Opera fan fiction on the web."
I recently did a random Google search on my alias and found, much to my surprise, that "Premier Noel" is linked to from the Author section of this website. If you're looking for more fanfiction, this is a good place to start. {= )

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