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Hogwarts Past

Jennifer Robinson
JenniJenni is a 6th-year (16-year-old) Ravenclaw, whose wand is comprised of rowan wood with unicorn hair. She is 5 feet and 7 inches tall with a pleasantly developed figure; long in the leg, but otherwise well proportioned to herself. Straight, fine, thick chocolate colored hair frames a vaguely angular face with high cheekbones and a stronger jawline than most women possess. Her mouth is unremarkable, being neither too small or too wide; lips neither very thin or full--though her smile often cants to the left. Her best trait is her eyes, which are green. Not pale, washed-out green and not hazel, but bold, clear hunter green. They are serious eyes, set under expressive, mobile eyebrows and on either side of a straight nose. Just off her right eyebrow is a small mole. Her hands and fingers are long and dexterous, often cool to the touch, and strong.

As with the stereotypical Ravenclaw, she is usually a very logical person in that she never does anything without a good reason and so is annoyed by inane behavior (such as jumping into a nearly-frozen lake in the middle of winter when you're already sick!), and won't put up with it for very long. She's a talented peace-maker and is good at restoring order to chaotic scenes--when people listen to her. She's the sort of person who sees who you are capable of being rather than who you are, and sometimes has her standards set too high. She has made a study of people and is learning quickly to see through the facade they show the world and into the person inside.

In general she is a very understanding, kind, and loyal friend. She knows almost immediately if something is wrong, and is very blunt--and stubborn--about finding out what. She will resort to any means to beg, plead, taunt, demand, or tease the information out of the person. Among other things, she loves to sing. She has her sarcastic side, and it's really not advisable to make her angry (she has a killer LOOK that says quite clearly "if you don't shape up and/or shut up I shall personally make your life extremely miserable and there's nothing you can do about it"), but she can be quite silly and playful with people she is comfortable with, her close friends. Among these, she counts Severus Snape, whether he likes it or not (played by sevvy_snape), Morganna Montaque (queen_algloria), Remus Lupin, and her own twin sister, Ame. She also gets along well with James Potter and crowd, as their personalities parallel hers in many ways.

In school, Jenni is one of those amazing people who can learn all they need to know with minimal study. She absorbs this sort of hands-on learning like a sponge with a maximum of three repetitions. She hates busy-work. However, school is important to her, so she works hard when she can bring herself to face the books. Her favorite subject thusfar has been Divination, but she has taken the information outside the classroom and put it to work. She and Ame now know a good deal more about the non-corporeal Universe than anyone else and, if she can figure it all out, Jenni plans to put this knowledge to use.

Ame Robinson
Ame (pronounced AH-mey) is
Jenni's identical twin, and so looks almost exactly like her. They are looking-glass twins, which means that Jenni and Ame are mirror-images of each other. Ame's smile cants right, the mole off her eye is on the left, she's lefthanded, et cetera. She also wears her hair shorter, and it falls level with her jaw. She is a 6th-year Hufflepuff, and her wand is willow wood with dragon heartstring (Welsh Green).

Ame is the Yin to Jenni's Yang. She has all the sweet, naive sensitivity that her twin lacks, and has trouble taking charge, even when she knows what she's doing. Jenni, or someone, generally has to TELL her to stand up for herself. She bears the brunt of loads of Slytherin abuse, and never says a word. Her greatest talents are in healing and music: she can mend your physical ailments or weave a haunting melody to soothe the soul with equal ease. She loves people, and will do anything to be helpful. Self-sacrifice is second nature to her. It's not healthy, Jenni tells her, but she can't refuse anyone who 'needs' her.

She doesn't have many REAL friends because of her nature. People might pay to get their hands on her meticulously neat notes, but only a rare 'thank-you' is ever heard. She spends most of her time with her sister, and so with Jenni's circle, but mostly remains in the background. She WILL stick up for and put a good word in for the people she cares most about, and won't stand for merciless teasing. If she feels the victim has had enough, she'll say so in the oh-so quiet and timorous way she has. Jenni is the one who picks up on this and puts a stop to it.

Ame loves Herbology best. She takes great pleasure from learning the various healing properties of magical plants and putting them to use when the need arises. Perhaps part of the cause of her lack of social life is her love of studying to learn more than is presented in the classroom. She gets excellent scores--would give Hermione a run for her galleons if they were in the same time period--and the teachers adore her. Even in Potions, which is not generally anyone's favorite, she does fairly well because many of the recipes involve plants. These she understands quite well, and so she benefits. She plans to go into the business of medicine.

Gailyn Vero Dorau
The very first thing one should know about Gailyn is this: do NOT call him Gailyn unless you want a severe beating! Second: if you want to be worse than dead, go on and TEASE him about his name. Third: 'Dorau' is okay, and even 'Vero' is preferable to his given name.

Dorau is a 7th-year Slytherin who carries a 131/4 inches hawthorne wand with dragon heartstring for the core. He is tall at 5'11" and roguishly muscular, with painfully indigo eyes and black hair that flares red in the right light. His hair makes an arch-shape on his forehead and circles his head at that length. He has a strong chin and bold, angular features, but his skin is not 'tight' at all. There is nothing particularly special about his mouth, except for its tendency to sneer.

This guy is the type to lure you along with your chin resting on his index finger - and then drop you. He fancies mischief of the unpleasant sort as a good past-time, and is the bane and terror of Hufflepuff and Gryffindor Houses. REALLY enjoys needling people. He's a sweet talker - excellent at worming his way out of trouble - but it's only honey on the tip of a forked tongue. His talents include an unnatural aptitude towards knowing what will most hurt someone, but it works the other way, too. He knows what you like, as well.

Dorau is also known for his inability to accept defeat. If he sets his cold eyes on some girl, he will pursue her relentlessly and will seemingly stop at nothing to 'win' her. Not that he'll say 'no' if you come to him for his attentions, of course. He is good friends with Lucius Malfoy, and probably belongs to that group of Slytherins who joined up with Voldemort when he came to power.

As to school, Dorau is especially fond of the "Dark Arts" part of "Defense Against the Dark Arts," but will twist any lesson around in his mind to learn what he considers useful information.

Hogwarts Present

Este Talina Robinson
Este (pronounced EHST-eh) is the daughter of
Ame, but never knew her father. She is the same year as Harry Potter et al, and is also a Gryffindor. She looks very much like her mother and aunt in face and frame, save for melt-your-soul dark brown eyes. The same high cheekbones and straight jawline combine with her dark eyes to make her lovely indeed. She is also shorter at 5'4", and her hair is wavier, darker with copper highlights, and falls to her shoulders. Her wand is birch with unicorn hair, ten inches long.

Este is quieter than her aunt, Jenni, but bolder and stronger than her mother. She shifts between serious and goofy quite easily. Este is a bit of an introvert, generally preferring the company of her own thoughts, but does appreciate good human companionship every now and then. She loves to draw, and seemingly ceaseless depictions of people, creatures, places, and things flow from the end of her quill. She is famous among the students, especially other Gryffindors, for her comic teacher drawings. There are some Professors that she avoids making fun of--the head of her House especially--but the others have all seen likenesses of themselves in hilariously out-of-character situations. Snape has borne the brunt of most of this artistic aggravation, whether he is aware of it or not. She is also an avid reader of fiction, muggle-written or not.

The behavior she finds most irritating is willful ignorance. When something seems obvious to her, she gets annoyed when other people don't get it. She is sensitive to other people's feelings, and far be it from her to hurt anyone on purpose--usually. Like anyone else, she has her days, and being a teenager is hard. She will rebel against Ame's almost sickening kindness and patience.

She has known of Morag Snape (queen_algloria) forever, since their parents knew each other and Este's aunt still keeps in touch. They don't get along SO well, but Este hopes for things to improve, as they can have a habit of doing. The "'Nightdress' Incident" is definately an indicator of this! However, the traditional animosity between Slytherin and Gryffindor Houses put a continual damper on things. Her other good friend is Gaian Lake, whom she considers to be friendly, realiable, and intelligent.

Este doesn't really have a favorite subject. She likes anything to do with magic and always will. However, Professor Snape holds special interest for her because of the stories she's heard from her aunt about her days at school with him - not to mention Jenni's personal theories about why and how he became the cantankerous and bitter man that he is now - so perhaps this is why she seems to excel in his class.

Gaian Meles Lake
This friendly soul is a hard-working Hufflepuff, a year ahead of Harry & Co. His wand is hazel wood with a phoenix feather for its core, 103/4 inches. Not the best looking chap, but far from "ugly," he is a balanced 5'6" with a heavy-set frame - SOLID, not obese. He retains all the same angles, curves, and landmarks as the other guys; his are a bit bigger. His hair is a sort of russet, earthy brown color; generally unkempt, but clean. His eyes are hazel, ranging from olive green to ocean floor blue to tree trunk brown.

He has a good sense of humor; quite willing to goof around and poke fun at people. He does know when to stop, however. Animals seem to like him a lot for whatever reason, and the school owls know to come to him for special treats. He is very in touch with the earth and nature in general, and especially good at elemental-type spells.

Gaian's most special friend is Este Robinson. He sees her almost as a younger sister, and is always happy to see her and spend time with her. They have their discrepancies, but for the most part they have a very easy, friendly rapport between them. Gaian also gets along well with the majority of the other members of his House, as a rule.

His favorite subject in school has been Care of Magical Creatures, despite the misadventure with Hagrid's Blast-Ended Skrewts. He gets decent marks in all of his classes, though there is a bit of a lag in Potions. He doesn't like Snape, and can't understand what Este sees in him under the Potions Master's cold, menacing visage.

Nikodemos Alcuin Robinson
Nikos is five years junior to his third cousin,
Este, which is to say that he entered his first year at Hogwarts when she began her sixth. He followed Jenni into Ravenclaw. His wand, which he did not get from Ollivanders, is 13 inches of Italian cypress wood with dragon heartstring (Romanian Longhorn) at the core. Having been born in Greece and living there for the first ten years of his life, he looks it. He is short for his age, built square and wiry. His skin is dark olive, even without the Mediterranean sun to burnish it, and his hair is black and curly. His eyes are very much Robinson, though, being gray and rather serious. They do light up devilishly when he smiles, though. It is possible that he'll be quite charming when he's older, particularly with the Greek accent rich in his fair young voice.

When Nikos' parents heard about the rise of Voldemort in England, his father got it into his head to search out that branch of the family and go on something of a rescue mission. Nikodemos was not given a choice in the matter, so while the adults are seeking in all the wrong places, he is schooling at Hogwarts with his cousin. The situation, in addition to the fact that he knows very little about the reasoning behind it, has made him somewhat bitter, and that sometimes supersedes the otherwise polite and respectful upbringing he was given. He misses the sun and his home, but he is a big fan of the school library. He loves to read, and will read anything at all so long as the words don't get up and walk off the page first (though he would enjoy studying a book like that, too). Much of his time outside class is spent between the shelves, lost to the world for hours on end. However, he does enjoy physical activity, as well. He's too young to be on his house Quidditch team, of course, but that doesn't keep him from running laps around the pitch or checking out a school broom now and then.

Naturally his passion for study makes him a very good student in the more bookish classes--he considers Magical History in particular to be extremely easy. However, he has no touch with living things. They don't always grow and live by the written rules!


Jenni has indeed mastered the non-corporeal realms of the Multiverse. After she graduated from school, she disappeared and was nowhere to be found throughout Voldemort's campaign. She re-appeared around the time her niece was born, much to her sister's delight. She looks much the same as she did at Hogwarts, but her face is older, more care-worn, and somehow clearer, as if some sort of ethereal light illuminates her from within. She has seen a great many things. She gives off the feeling that she knows more about you than she ought to, especially when you look into her eyes.

She still remembers her old school friends, and visits the ones she can track down at every opportunity. She occasionally disappears for a while every now and then, and never mentions where she goes. A very odd person indeed, but still the witty, sarcastic, stubborn, charming, loyal, and caring Jenni on the surface.

Beneath all that, however, she hides the deleterious effects the Void is having on her. What started out as something of a game to her younger self is now deadly-earnest. The Multiverse seems to like having a free agent able to run around and correct things that would otherwise go unchecked. The call she feels to people and places in need of her has become a driving command, much like an alarm clock on Monday morning. As she matures, she wants to settle down and perhaps start a family, but she can't, because if she doesn't heed that call, bad things will happen. Furthermore, existing in so many places at what may be the same time is taking effect as well. She finds it increasingly hard to remember her identity as Jennifer Robinson, daughter of Nora-Louise and Argo Robinson, twin sister of Ame, aunt of Este, and friend to Severus, Morganna, and the rest. The dichotomy is slowly taking its toll on her sanity.

Jenni is very good at cracking other people's shells, but she's even better at maintaining her own. The only people who have any idea about her true nature are Ame, Severus, and Morganna. However, recent events have left her ex-communicado with Morganna, leaving only Ame and Severus. Ame knows her twin better than anyone, but still she can't make Jenni talk to her if she has a mind to keep silent. Guess who's left?

Ame lived a relatively normal life after school. She ended up being one of the primary care-takers of people who were hurt by Voldemort and the Death-Eaters. Perhaps she caught a glimpse of Severus or Peter now and then, but she wouldn't say a word. She considered it none of her business; and anyway she had her healing to do. She has learned to be strong now at need: for herself as well as others. Her sense of humor comes through stronger now.

Childbirth has mellowed her features. Her face and hips are rounder, the lines around her eyes deeper. She was never "big" as far as breasts go, but now there is an overall pleasant fullness about her.

She was married for a short time, but her husband wasn't the best sort of character. He did join in the resistance against Voldemort (a few months before it all ended), but ended up getting killed early-on, leaving Ame to care for their daughter alone. According to anyone who knows her, she has done so admirably.

Ame is very proud of her position at St. Mungo's Hospital. She has one of the highest records of recovered patients and is genuinely popular among the staff.

As far as Jenni is concerned, Ame keeps quiet. The two of them have an understanding that Jenni's activities are not to be discussed. However, Ame is quite aware that all is not well with her twin. She knows what the problem is, and happens to have a good idea of the solution. However, in accordance with Jenni's wishes, she isn't talking--yet.

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