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This page covers my mid-to-post high school art career, or approximately the years 2000-2005. I don't have the exact dates recorded here because I can't be bothered. Most of these were done with Prismacolor pencils and sometimes a black and/or white gel pen, unless otherwise stated. For new work, see my deviantART account.

Original Art | Fan Art | Art Inspired by Online Role-play

 Original Art
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera - A colored drawing of an aloe vera plant.
Asador - Asador is a horse owned by Jenni. I've attempted to deviate from the classic "all-black stallion" by giving him a snip and socks with feather, but I get the strangest feeling I'm kidding myself... Anyway, I'm very happy with the way he turned out and I'm quite satisfied with the background, too. The shadows are a bit iffy, but oh well.
Christmas 2001
Christmas 2001 - Regular pencil. At some point I started doing a picture like this every Christmas, and this is the one from 2001. The year 2000 pic is too faint to show up. I was experimenting with style a little bit here (note the eye), but I like the result. Apologies for the inverse star and the tilting tree.
Christmas in the Air
Christmas in the Air - Regular and ebony pencil; Christmas pic 2002. Actually inspired by an abstract figure in a friend's unfinished painting. This drawing is really a horrible pun for those who know the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas collections. One is titled Christmas in the Aire. The pun is that the horse's name is Christmas (you can barely see the name on the bridle), and he's in the air. Ha ha.
Darkstar, alternate version
Darkstar, alternate version - Regular pencil with black and white Prismacolors. The original drawing (see below) didn't meet with my ideas about what unicorns should look like, so I changed it to suit. This is the result. Darkstar is a minor character in a story I almost wrote back in elementary school. The story didn't get off the ground, but the characters are still hanging around. To learn about Darkstar, go here.
Darkstar, original version
Darkstar, original version - Regular pencil. I had a reference for this picture, but the details are all mine. See above for more information.
Evarel Starshade
Evarel Starshade - Evarel by himself, being himself. See below for the original Evarel piece. There are a lot of things I don't like about this picture, mostly around his face, but there are a lot of things I like about it, too. I'm quite pleased with the wineglass--my first attempt at such a thing. Overall, though, it represents the character well. As that was the intent, I can't be dissatisfied. To learn about him, go here.
Evarel with Sasha
Evarel with Sasha - Evarel Starshade was originally a "Dungeons & Dragons" character of mine. This is him in that role. Half-elf; bard; first-class buffoon. Mess with Sasha (the mare) at your own risk.
Jenni - My first, best picture of the omnipresent Jennifer Robinson. If you don't know who she is yet, go here.
Kevon Leonard
Kevon Leonard - A picture profile of Kevon Leonard, one of the main characters in my to-be novel The Resistance. I did this in a hurry for a class project, but I was still happy enough with it to save it rather than stick it to a poster. The lettering was done first with my printer then overlayed with colored pencil and black gelpen.
Lani Christoph
Lani Christoph - A picture profile of Lani Christoph, another Resistance character. Will I do all of them? Maybe, but don't hold your breath. I did this one in the same way as Kevon and for the same reason--go figure. I couldn't get the text quite the same, though. Oh well. (Note to Farscape fans: I know, I know. But if you don't tell, no one else will get it, mmkay?)
Pensive, unfinished
Pensive, unfinished - I've saved this because, at the time of saving, I am about to start on coloring the background and I'd like to have something of this figure in case I screw it up. Don't give me that look, it's possible. Anyway, this is Jenni (originally the Heldon version, but possibly Pernese), looking a little too much like her creator. I expect she's about 24 in this picture. I'm not sure what she's so serious about.
Sabía Weaver
Sabía Weaver - Sabía is one of my latest role-play characters, and this is an illustration of her. I don't like the quality of the image, but I don't know whether to blame the technology or myself. I suppose I could've taken more time on it, since it took me a grand total of three sessions to finish; but it resembles her, recumbent right eyelid and all, so whatever. Anyway, Sabía's profile is here.
Stephan Goddard
Stephan Goddard - Stephan, also known as 429S, is the main character of a story I may write some day. He is the subject of genetic experimentation and much hardship besides, and on a mission to find the place where he might be fixed. The ring on the necklace is NOT the One Ring, as the caption also states, but it is crucial to that mission. Ignore the spelling of his name in the picture. I changed it, but I don't feel like scanning it again. Sketch done in pencil with a little computer tweaking on the text.

 Fan Art
Cain the Fire-Lizard
Cain the Fire-Lizard - Pernese Jenni's brown fire-lizard, Cain. I'm not sure about the background, but I like his wings.
Fellis - A colored drawing of the flower and berries of the fellis tree. Fellis is the Pernese answer to morphine, as far as I can make out--the juice takes your pain, knocks you out, and can be very addicting if you're not careful. I think it's prettier than opium poppies, though.
'Real' Lost
"Real" Lost - My rendition of Farscape fan OtomO's Pilot-person, Lost.
Pilot - A pencil drawing of Farscape's Pilot. This took me about a month to do. Pilot is hard to draw!

 Art Inspired by Online Role-play (Also known as "It's not my fault!")
Beth in Flight
Beth in Flight - Another Pern picture. Pernese Jenni's dragon is the mutant brown female, Beth. It wasn't my idea, but I wasn't about to say no! This picture was inspired by a role-play of one of Beth's mating flights. In this case, most of what I don't like I blame on the scanner.
Beth & Jenni with Eggs
Beth & Jenni with Eggs - Yet another Pern picture. Pernese Jenni and Beth stand admiring Beth's latest clutch. I don't like the way Jenni looks in this one, but I'm happy enough with the dragon and the eggs!
Erith - What if the Phantom of the Opera—Erik—were a Pernese dragon?
Harpers - My three Pernese Harper characters before the archway leading into the Harper Hall. In the back are Journeywoman Jenni and MasterHarper Alric. Front and center is Journeyman Rediral. I'm not pleased with the way Jenni looks. There's something wrong with her head and face in particular, but I couldn't figure out how to fix it, so I gave up and went on with the coloring. I think Alric and Rediral look good, though Alric's face is sort of flat. The background is lacking something, but again, I don't know what.
Katral and the Runner
Katral and the Runner - Healer apprentice Katral finds himself aboard a runnerbeast for the first time in a long time. He doesn't like them, and they don't like him, either. A Pern picture.
Nestael - My Middle-earth role-playing character, Nestael Dúnedainiel. I like everything in this picture but her face. I hadn't quite figured out the angle, I guess, but yeesh. To learn about her, go here.
Nestael Combats the Darkness
Nestael Combats the Darkness - She still has facial issues. I was just playing with the pose and blur effects. The background was just a toss-off because there needed to be a background and I was too lazy to do a good one.
Pillows - If you can understand this and not laugh, the deficiency is yours, I think. However, if the comic alone isn't sufficient, perhaps the mental image of poor Erik sneezing and having feathers pop out the side of his mask will do the trick. Go on, I dare you to think about it.
Severus and Jenni
Severus and Jenni - Severus Snape and Jennifer Robinson share a particularly angsty moment. I don't ask anyone to understand or even like this one without knowing the story behind it. Maybe I'll tell it to you someday. I used Prismacolor pencils and a black gel pen like usual, but the text was done using Microsoft Word and a printer. I like the result of my experiment.
Solo/Skola - This lupine critter actually goes by two names, depending on what world he's in. As a wolf on Earth, he's called Skola. As a wolf-like canine on Pern, he is Solo.
Something to Whine About
Something to Whine About - Long story short, Adamat (man, far right) is injured, but Soldan (drow, far left) insists on hanging around and telling his sad story to his friend. Jenni takes exception in the form of a Soft Pillow. Jenni is mine, as we all know, but Soldan and Adamat belong to their respective role-players. If you can't make out the text, it reads as follows:
Soldan: *long incoherrent whine* WAAA!
Jenni: I'll give you something to whine about...
Adamat: *thinking* Can't we all just get along...?

If it isn't mine, it belongs to someone else. If it isn't someone else's, it belongs to me.

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